Top 6 Companies in Texas for Home Solar Systems

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), there is enough solar installed in the state of Texas to power 2.2 million homes as of the second quarter of 2023. The industry has generated 11,250 solar jobs and achieved 18,801 megawatts of solar installed. Because of this huge market, parts and installation prices have fallen 43% in the last 10 years. Now is a great time to install a solar system at your home in Texas.

What Are the Top Solar Companies in Texas?

Texas has a large number of solar companies. As of 2023, there are 635 solar energy companies that operate in the state. The following sales and solar installation companies have great reputations. Any of them would be a good choice to help you along your solar journey.

These are the best solar companies in Texas.

The following are the top solar companies in Houston:

  • Sunrun

    Sunrun is a reputable, nationwide company specializing in residential solar and energy services. They provide comprehensive support, from installation to maintenance, with a tailored approach to meet unique energy requirements. They also excel in navigating regulatory processes, making solar adoption effortless for their customers. Sunrun offers flexible financing options and the guarantee of a robust system warranty, affirming their commitment to sustainable solar solutions.

  • SunPower

    SunPower is a large, national solar company. They make and sell their own brand of solar panel, which is considered one of the most efficient solar panels on the market. This makes their panels a little bit pricey, but it also means they have expertise in solar panel installation. They are great at hooking their customers up with government incentives. They also offer a strong warranty and a recycling program at the end of your panels’ lives.

  • ADT Solar

    ADT Solar is another national company that offers a wide range of services, including solar, home energy, and home security. They are able to take your needs into account and craft a whole-home system that will work best for you. They have an excellent warranty and a set of guarantees (labor, power production, and inverter) that put them at the top of the solar crowd. They do not offer leases or PPAs.

  • Momentum Solar

    Momentum Solar prides itself on connecting its customers to every solar rebate, tax exemption, and local incentive. You can be sure of getting your value with them if they serve your area. They operate in 12 states, including Texas. They also have a great solar warranty.

  • Blue Raven Solar

    Blue Raven Solar has competitive pricing and in-house financing, making the money end of solar easy. This includes flexible, zero-money-down options for Texas residents. However, they only install solar panels and batteries. If you want any additional equipment, you will have to go elsewhere. SunPower recently bought this company, which now has access to SunPower’s great equipment. Blue Raven will continue to operate as Blue Raven.

  • NRG Clean Power

    NRG Clean Power has multiple locations in Texas. They offer HVAC, roofing, shingles, and solar arrays so you can create an entire heating and cooling system as well as solar energy. Their prices are a bit above average, but they do offer the longest warranty on this list (30 years). Customers rate customer service high for this family-owned company.

Average Cost of Solar Panels in Texas

As of September 2023, the average cost of solar panels in the state of Texas is $2.72/W and the average cost of installation for a 5-kW system ranges from $11,560 to $15,640, according to EnergySage.

When it comes to the payback period, it's a different story in Texas. It takes an average of 10.7 years for solar panels in Texas to pay their costs back. This longer payback period is largely due to the fact that other fuels are exceptionally inexpensive in the state, making solar energy a longer-term investment here.

Tax Credits, Incentives, and Solar Rebates in Texas

The United States is offering a 30% tax credit for purchasing and installing solar panels and batteries.

The state of Texas offers a number of benefits for solar panel system owners. There is a property tax exemption, so you don’t have to pay extra taxes when your property tax value rises because you installed solar power. Texas also has a solar rights law, where HOAs have to accept solar panels on homes in their neighborhoods.

If you are a customer of CPS Energy, or a resident of Austin, Guadalupe Valley, or Sunset Valley, you may qualify for another solar panel rebate program. While Texas has no net metering law, several energy facilities do. These include El Paso Electric, the City of Brenham, and CPS Energy. Find out more about solar buyback plans and net metering incentives in Texas here.

How to Choose the Right Solar Company

The right company for you should offer you a choice of solar power products and solar installation at competitive prices. But that’s only the start.

The best solar companies will offer you service for the lifetime of your solar panels. You should be able to rely on their installation service and have multiple ways of contacting them if something goes wrong.

The top companies offer warranties for the lifetime of the solar panels (for both parts and workmanship) and performance warranties that guarantee the panels will keep producing power at acceptable rates. Roof warranties are positive as well.

A good company will also offer financing options that fit different customers. Finally, groups that protect consumers, such as the Better Business Bureau, should rate them highly.

Going solar has many benefits, especially in Texas where the prices are very low. The best companies, such as Sunrun and the others on this list, all offer great equipment, installation, service, warranties, and more to add solar energy to your home. There are small differences in programs offered and in total costs. But don’t be afraid of the original price. With federal, state, and local incentives, as well as different financing arrangements, solar is more affordable now than ever. The best solar energy company for you may be on this list.

Get Solar Power Advice from Professionals

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"I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. I hope we don’t have to wait till oil and coal run out before we tackle that." - Thomas Edison

"I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. I hope we don’t have to wait till oil and coal run out before we tackle that." - Thomas Edison