10 Solar Power Myths Debunked

Myth #1: More energy is used to produce a single solar cell than the cell can generate.

Solar myth

This myth tends to hold a lot of weight for champions of eco-friendly living, but rest assured: it is definitely a myth. Each solar cell replaces all of the energy used to physically create it in only one to two years. Given that a solar cell is typically used for up to 25 years, a cell actually generates more than ten times the energy it consumes over its lifetime.

Myth #2: Avoid investing in solar right now; it's just going to get more efficient.

Although solar has indeed become more efficient over the decades, the technology it uses is fundamentally similar to the systems that were initially created in the 1970s. Solar technology isn't like your smartphone: it doesn't require replacement every one or two years and the technology it uses is both stable and efficient. If you're racing any clock in terms of solar power payout, it's financial benefits like "green" tax credits and incentives that may not last.

Myth #3: My local climate is too cold for solar power.

Solar power doesn't require heat from the sun; it only requires UV light. As anyone who's ever gotten a sunburn on a cloudy day can tell you, plenty of UV light is available even through the clouds. Just look at Germany, which has few sunny days per year but is the leading user of solar energy in the world. If you live in a cold region, here's some good news: Solar panels are even more efficient when they're cold.

Myth #4: All the solar rebates are gone.

This myth is far from true, since more than 1,000 solar rebates - collectively accounting for millions of dollars - are available. While the federal income tax credit of 30 percent is set to decrease at the end of 2019, the program itself continues until 2022. There are still a few years left to take advantage of these amazing incentives.

Myth #5: Solar energy is too expensive.

Actually the opposite is true according to a study by the Baker Institute, as a solar system has a 12 to 15 percent rate of return each year, something you can't say for any other utility in your home. Adding a solar energy system increases your home value dramatically, and the improvement is exempt from property taxes in most locations. Newsweek shows that the price of installing solar panels continues to drop, and the tax rebates, incentives and solar financing options available bring that price down even further.

Myth #6: Solar panels require too much maintenance.

According to Pure Energies, you can maintain your solar panels by hosing them off once or twice a year. Alternatively, you can just do nothing and let the rain clean them off. Monitoring software that comes with your panels alerts you to any drops in power generation, and many solar companies, like Sunrun, will handle any maintenance needed as part of their installment deal.

Myth #7: Solar panels are bulky and ugly.

Solar panels are available in a variety of sleek, attractive forms, including solar shingles that blend seamlessly with your slate, asphalt or cement roof. Depending on the orientation and design of your home, the panels may not even be visible from the ground.

Myth #8: All that extra solar power that I can't use goes to waste.

If your solar panels are connected to your local electrical grid, you can send power to the grid rather than having to pay for the power you take from it. This system, which is called net metering, means that you can accumulate energy credits to pay for the times you need to pull electricity from the local grid, as you may do at night. Plus, you get to enjoy watching your electric meter spin backwards.

Myth #9: Solar power's not worth it if I can't store the power I generate in batteries.

While battery storage for solar power is available, it isn't for everyone, and many homeowners prefer to stay connected to the local electrical grid. The grid stores the excess energy you generate for you and sends it back to you through the net metering system.

Myth #10: Installing solar panels will harm my roof.

Actually, your solar panels help to protect your roof. Solar panels have made it successfully through a hurricane, protecting the roof beneath them. If you have roof problems, your panels can be removed from the mounts that hold them in place, giving you easy access to the roof underneath.

If you've given any thought to installing solar power at all, you've probably encountered several solar power myths that caused some hesitation. It's unfortunate that these myths continue to circulate, especially when they're so easily debunked. Take a few minutes to see if any of these myths sound familiar, then read on to learn the real truth about each of them.

The best way to dispel these solar power myths is to learn the facts for yourself. Get all the information you need, including a quote to see what it would cost to install solar power in your home. You're likely to be surprised when you learn just how efficient and cost-effective solar power really is. Compare solar companies and speak with an expert today by clicking on the link below.

"I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. I hope we don’t have to wait till oil and coal run out before we tackle that." - Thomas Edison

"I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. I hope we don’t have to wait till oil and coal run out before we tackle that." - Thomas Edison